Sunday, February 3, 2013


I have cleaned, vacuumed, dusted, attached the hardware for the curtain rods, washed and hung the sheers, cooked some ahead meals, had wonderful conversations with dear friends on Skype, found a quilt pattern to use with the white and pastel fabrics I still have and basically exhausted myself both Friday and yesterday.  Best of all, I even read a novel Friday and finished it last night as there was nothing on television I wanted to watch so good use was made of my time over this past weekend.

Now it is Sunday, and I am taking a bit of a rest, the music is playing softly in the background and I am feeling very happy inside today.  Oh though while missing in action these last few days, I have been keeping myself rather busy, yet the only visible attestation to my business is that I finally have my white sheers hung on all of the living room windows! 

See these are the window treatments I put up yesterday.  The sheers were hand me downs, so these have been washed up to nice and white, and I am thinking a red with multiple colors of beige, black and golden yellows might just look nice as a valance over the top?  

I am sewing a valance this afternoon and will try it out, if it doesn't look great, I can remove it, not a big deal, I am just thinking the red will make the room pop.  Will it, I am not sure and hopefully once it is up I will like what I see and hang onto my idea and make more for the other windows..  You will notice in this last picture of the windows at the back of the room I already have the hardware up to try out the valance idea.
I want my space to capture the light every day, so I chose white sheers and decided to cover only 3/4's of the windows to allow all of the light to come in and dance with me.  I am sewing a red valance which has colors of black, white and gold strewn in a haphazard way which may or may not look good.  If I think it looks good it stays, if not, I will rethink the idea.  LOL

Since the loss of my original blog space where I introduced my new home to everyone, you may not be aware that I live in a Mobile Home!  I love every square inch of my new space and confess I have always dreamed of living in such a space, and finally I allowed myself last year to refresh my dreams, and look what I was rewarded with!

 I was so happy to have found this place and when I moved in I basically had only a few bits of clothing.  Thanks to very good neighbors and friends, I now live in very comfortable surroundings.  This is a picture of a lifetime wish granted.  So you see, ask and it will be given, may take awhile, but you have to continue dreaming.

I had hoped during the week to be more actively piecing, but, am content with what I have accomplished up till now.  I was telling my friend whom I was speaking with on Skype about my String Stars Quilt 
This was my own design and I have scoured hundreds of string quilt pictures and still have not found one like this, pattern.  If you find another like this, please let me know, because I certainly could not find one.

which I made as a promotion gift for a friend last summer, I would like to share this with you now. 

 It was a very stressful time in my life while I was creating this string quilt it's bright and cheery fabrics made it possible for me to continue to finish it and to finish another for a retirement gift to one of my favorite people, a Librarian extraordinaire who was retiring from our Library.  It  just had to be a very bright quilt for Lynn to suit her personality. 

Lynn if your reading keep writing, writing and writing, you know I am waiting to read your book!
Time for me to shush for today, however, I am so very happy you stopped by for a visit and shared some moments with me.  Won't you leave a comment if something I have shared is of interest?

Dreams are free, so free your dreams.  ~Astrid Alauda

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