Saturday, February 23, 2013


Saturday, it is Saturday - hip hip hooray!  The weather is on and off snow with the possibility of rain or freezing rain later and the temperature is hovering at 2 Celsius not bad, hopefully spring is coming soon cause I dislike winter....

I do so hope those of you living in those states across the border are able to take the snow and blizzards, our weather forecasters told us over 20 states are feeling the awful effects of the latest storms. 

I am still waiting for news on my granddaughters, now my 9 year old princess has been sick all yesterday afternoon and evening and I have not heard from mommy as to how she is feeling today, and then wee Ella is still in hospital, hopefully she may be discharged tomorrow.  Apparently somehow they picked up that rotten (RSV) Respiatpry Synctial virus.....which is very contagious.  That means one gets it in the household from somewhere outside the home and it gets passed around, yuck!!!  I am happy I am not there this weekend, with my immune system being what it is lately I would be certain to catch it.  
It is important when your out and about away from your home that you refrain from handling too many things which others may also have handled and if you do touch something, washing, washing is the best way to keep yourself safe from contracting a gift some other sick individual is gifting unknowingly to others....

I went surfing again today and discovered some wonderful free and easy quilt patterns which may interest some of you, and, if you'd like to investigate then here is where you can begin looking!
I join as many sites which offer up video tutorials as I find because I am the type of person who needs to see how something is done so that I too may learn.  Free Quilt Patterns Info. is one of the most collaborative sites I follow regularly because of its varietal pattern choices to share.

For instance, Jenny Doan of the Missouri Star Quilt Co.  shares a new tutorial which you may not yet have seen through the Free Quilt Patterns Info site called Double Slice Layer Cake quilt, so easy, fun and just think if your sewing scrappy for charity then this pattern would be a wonderful choice for such a worthwhile gift. Jenny also shares on her site another new to me tutorial, Keyhole Block Quilt using Honey Buns, how neat is this quilt?  I love it because not only honey buns may be used but 1.5" scrappy strips can also be utilized from your stash, another great and quick quilt to make for charity sewing. 

If your like me you might enjoy many other ways to craft and another favorite site of mine is the  Inter Weave site - this is where they offer you free e-books as well as videos for a variety of crafts.....this makes me a Grabber - I take full advantage of the freebies which feed my hobbies.  Honestly, if you haven't been to this site, I swear you'll enjoy visiting and accepting some or all of the offered freebies which connect with your interests.  You can spend days looking over this site and choosing from such a vast selection of craft titles, it is almost endless.   "FREE" who does not like something for nothing.  Joining is the exercise I do most of when on the internet, especially sites which feed my interests.  Written by many of the crafts celebrities just for you!   In the "Quilting" section alone there are 23 titles to choose from, how great is that?   

Then there is Quilting Daily which also offers freebies and has a font of information to share with its readers, free e-books as well as patterns, this only needs you to join, quick and easy too! You might also like the Free Quilt Patterns site if you have not already discovered it!  This site also covers other genres of the crafting world for you to take advantage of.   

These are but a sample of the places I surf to when seeking information, or a new pattern, or a technique, these are only a few of those special places on the internet which will teach you anything you might wish to learn of a hobby or a special craft you might wish to learn or expand upon.  These sites approach those skilled professionals and ask them to share and teach, how special is that?  All you need to do is join and you'll receive newsletters outlining what new freebies are being offered at any given time.   Saves a lot of individual searching around cyberspace!

DO YOU have  special place on the internet where you turn to for information or new ideas for your hobby, for me it is all about quilting, knitting and crocheting, and I utilize free to the enth degree.   IF you do have a link which I may not have included here, please, won't you share it with us, it is always a BONUS when others share great and informative sites.

Thanks for your visit with me today, keep safe out there with the weird weather as well as sickness  invading our spaces and remember if your out and about then make sure you WASH those hands every opportunity you get before carting a germ home with you. 

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.  ~Author Unknown


  1. I wish all your loved ones a speedy recovery!

  2. Thanks for your wishes Regina, I hope so too! Have a great day.


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