Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ohhhhhhh Look What I Found!

You know I have been digging through boxes of an Estate and that a shop named BYGONERA was opened on Etsy to sell these pieces of some value, well, look at what was found yesterday!

A Miniature tiny Scripture Test Book published in the 1800's and not in print anymore.  I could not find this one at all other than as part of a Rare Book Collection...it is totally in tact but totally aged. 

Another piece is a Rare Rosenthal Trinket dish from the early 1900's.  So delicate and also still nicely in tact. 
Isn't it just so beautiful.  That it survived in a box for so long and has not seen the light of day in over probably twenty to thirty years is amazing!

I was so excited a week ago to have found a rare and old book written by one of my favorite people in Literature History, Beatrix Potter!  Miss Potter having become famous for her introduction of Peter Rabbit and his adventures to Children and then later in her life she introduced her Readers to Jemima Puddleduck and this is that little book titled "The Tale Of Jemima Puddleduck"!  Now how thrilling to find this.  To sit down amid the chaos and leaf through it, to see the drawings of Beatrix Potter bound in one of the first of old books to be found.  She was someone who knew how to write stories for children and then provide a pictorial illustration that I am positive kept children of that era enthralled....
As an avid reader myself I was thrilled to find old titles, like Hans Brinker and When We Were Very Young you just do not see these stories of my childhood on the shelves anymore!  Do any of you remember Hans Christian Anderson?  I do and I also remember how my imagination was carried away when reading these beautiful books!

While it is physically very tiring and totally chaotic in that house as you unpack box after box, it is also an adventure in that you have no idea what it is you will find!

I am off to put my aching legs up and do more research a my tiny house is filled with things I brought home with me from there to research and put up for sale, so I do hope you might find some time to either let me hear of your reading pleasures and come for a visit to Bygonera at Etsy, it is there where most of the Treasures found so far can be seen.....do come, you might enjoy see these pieces from another time and another place!

Have a super wonderful day today....

Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion.  You must set yourself on fire.  ~Arnold H. Glasow

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