Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Quirky Weather and Competent Young Women

Hi there, it's been a few days since my visitor moved into her own space and left me all alone to my own devices, and those devices were not what I would term as having been very productive.  
I lost my e-mail account but that is a chapter in and of itself and for another day!  
I haven't done much in the way of anything quilty, other than to roam around the internet looking at the thousands of pretty quilts which can be seen at Pinterest or Flicker and hundreds more links I chose to follow.. I have my sewing machine all set up again, my latest UFO is sitting there waiting patiently for me to give it some attention, but, I simply haven't had the energy, so have been on a reading binge.  
The weather is playing a huge part of my discontent too, my joints are simply being stiffened by the swift and weird weather patterns. 
Oh the storms and the vastness of these is so mind boggling.  Look at the swath this latest storms is cutting!  Thank heaven I do not need to leave the house though I feel rather sad for those that do need to leave the safety of their homes to work.
The little red covered dot is the area in which I am living.  It rained through the night here in Delta and now giant wet globby flakes of snow is falling. 
Those white marks you see are the huge flakes I attempted to capture to share with you, but I am certain many of you living in North America know all about it because most all of us are being affected.  It is much worse for those living in the United States and Eastern Canada.  I really do wonder just how very much the greenhouse effect has in the worlds weird weather happenings and disasters?

My grand daughters are feeling much better and the wee one was sprung from the hospital, so fingers crossed that nasty virus has left them and all should be back to normal by this weekend.  Apparently this virus is making the rounds fueled of course through the schools and public places where others sick or contagious have gathered and are passing it along...guess it is a good thing I remain housebound for awhile longer, I don't need any more nastiness from germs...

As said earlier, I have been visiting the Quilters on Pinterest and have seen some very awesome quilts and even techniques. 
In my roaming around Pinterest as I told you earlier I found many wonderful quilt tutorials.  Cherilyn of "A Farm Wife's Journal" has the sweetest Candy Hearts table runner pattern tutorial.  Her blog is so interesting and I can see she is extremely organized.  Cherilyn also has an Etsy Shop, you'll find the link to her shop on her blog.  Where she finds the time I simply cannot guess.

She has managed to make it look so easy, look here for her tutorial.  Very country farm looking.  Thank you Cherilyn, I bet everyone loved seeing this pretty table runner on your kitchen table!
Then too, another wonderful tutorial from Amanda Herring from her blog The Quilted Fish  it is a very well written tutorial on a beautiful Diamond Quilt, one of her many tutorials.  Amanda also have a Shop which you can visit through a link on her Blog. 
In reading about Amanda, I learned she has a wonderful sense of humor.   I could just picture this pretty girl making these wonderful items and sharing the how to with her readers.  Thank you Amanda!

I chose these two tutorials to share with you today because of their use of the colors, these two pieces cheered me up today, fresh, bright, pleasing to my eyes and overall the tutorials are well written.

Thank you for visiting with me today, I do hope you found my sharing and introduction of these two artistic and creative women of interest today.  There are hundreds of competent young women making their mark in the Quilting Community, these women are but two.  
Strangers are just friends waiting to happen.  ~Rod McKuen 


  1. You are so kind! THank you for your lovely post!

    1. Amanda, you have yourself to thank, your personality shines through and I adore your creativity. Thank you!


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