Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Working With My Own Obstacles

Whoa, days have slid past me since I last posted, like driving to Ottawa to collect a friend who flew in from Calgary and who is currently staying with me and somehow, the days are flying past faster than I can manage to keep up.
My daughter-in-law and one of my granddaughters flew off to Florida for a nice visit with Grandma and Grandpa and now their back already, where has the time gone?  
Pretty in Pink

I just  love my new dress

Hmmmmmm, whats this?
At 4 months she's such a charmer!  I just bet mommy and Grandma had their hands full....
Besides just sitting and relaxing and catching up with one another, Liz and I have also been watching the CURLING which has been on all week, it is the Scotties Tournament of Hearts, what a great week it has been so far.  Those women curlers make it look so easy and believe me, I have curled and it is far from being easy!!
TODAY after doing some much needed housework, changing bed linens, and a huge load of laundry and giving my washer as well as the dryer the third degree (seems one of my pillowcases is missing) I have searched everywhere and either I need new glasses (yes, I do need new eye wear) but, haven't found it.  Hopefully it will turn up somewhere.  Once I finished folding and putting the washed items away I discovered it was already very late afternoon.  
I have no real notion as to where time went, but as a treat I decided finally to get out my Scrappy Hearts blocks and finish the last block. Cindy has some terrific free quilt patterns for you to make on her blog. 
I have decided to make eight of these scrappy hearts and seven alternating blocks  to co-ordinate with these and hope the idea turns out to be just right, and if they don't make the scrappy hearts stand out nice and pretty then I guess I will be making more scrappy hearts.
I so love Cindy's quilt, but my goal is to make one that is just a bit different.   
I have walked around these blocks for a long time and finally I believe I may have found what I believe might be nice and different to add to these blocks and give me a finished top.  I can never overcome some of the mental obstacles I seem to have in my head right away, I always have to mull it over for a long, long time. 
BUT, I have come up with an idea to make my Scrappy Hearts blocks stand out and yet make my quilt different.   Once I make one of the alternate blocks I am thinking might be just right, I will take some photo's and share with you, but, until I physically make the block and set it beside the Scrappy Hearts, it may not look as good as I am thinking it will.  There is that obstacle I was telling you about.
DO YOU have moments like this?  An actual brain freeze and then out of the blue you come across or think of an idea which you believe will work?  How do those ideas turn out for you?
DO you walk around some projects for a great length of time before actually beginning it or finishing it?  Sometimes it is like writers' block, I simply cannot seem to find it in my minds eye or even envision just how it should look. Then an idea takes shape and I simply have to try it out.   I so enjoy doing something a wee bit different or off the wall now and again.  
While my friend is visiting, I have been on the computer a tad more than usual for me, so I have been surfing and playing games without the inclination to do much work, more or less I have frittered the past week away.   WHAT FUN giving yourself time off because you can! 
TODAY I felt like I really wanted to sew!  The feeling is rather a joyful one.  I will share pictures of my progress in a day or two, soon as I finish this one last Scrappy Heart and cut the corresponding blocks to which I want to add the hexagonal flower.  I hope my idea isn't a crazy one, but in my mind I see what it is I think I want, LOL!
For the back I actually had an almost brand new 100% cotton sheet, but it was white and I wanted it to be a creamy beige, so, out came the boiling water and lots and lots of tea bags.  I now have a beige sheet to use for the back of this Scrappy Hearts quilt.  
Since moving I find there isn't as much money for fabric purchases as I would like and fabric for backs is going to be in huge demand very soon, unless I get healthier.  Once I have more mobility back and be able to climb stairways I will be collecting fabrics from my former home and bringing them here, then, I shall once again be in the stash and what a stash it is!  Once that stash has been nicely stored here I won't be trying to convince myself to buy fabrics or to spend money I don't have, if that is at all possible.   
I have joined the Needle and Thread Blog Network, and if you feel like meeting some very interesting Canadian Bloggers it is here you will see a great selection of fabric, thread artists, fiber artists, quilters and needlework enthusiasts.   WIP Wednesday was yesterday and these days are always of interest, makes me really want to sew again and seeing what others are working on provides so much inspiration, don't you agree?  
I hope you will enjoy the sites I have shared with you today?  I personally love surfing and meeting Bloggers I have yet to have discovered and that these wonderful people are eager to share of themselves with others is awesome.
Remember, if you have a comment or a thought or a site to share, please, won't you share it here with myself and others who come by for a visit?

Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.  ~Henry Ford


  1. What a little cutie. I love your neutral tones and scrappy hearts are just adorable. It's great to be creative and dye that sheet, good call. I hope you get well soon and get that stash withing arms length!

  2. SAM thank you for your supportive comments, I find when someone inputs it very nice of you to visit and I am doing my best to regain my mobility, honest I am!!!LOL

  3. JUDY it is so nice of you to come back for a visit, hope to hear more from you and what project do you have on the go at this time?


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