Friday, February 8, 2013


Guess this time I have it right, today is Friday, honest it really is!  LOL  I haven't a clue where I seemed to have lost a day yesterday, but I really thought it was Friday!!!!

It began to snow here last night and hasn't stopped at all.  We are expected to get 35 to 27 centimeters of snow (9 to 11 inches) and from the looks of it, this time the meteorologists may just be right.  It doesn't help that there are serious winds with it either, so snow which fell earlier is also being blown about.  I took some snaps for you to see it. 

Meanwhile, the children and grandchildren made it to their destination late last evening and today they took the children to the Ottawa Science Center and from all accounts Mommy's message says they are having a great time.  
My three Treasures Mikayla in the hat, Brayden and wee Ella!!!! I can't wait to see them and give them all sloppy g'ma kisses and huge hugs. 

It has been a good day for being indoors and doing some serious culinary work, so, I  spent my afternoon!  I spent it on cooking and have pork chops in barbecue sauce going in the crock pot, will have this with rice tonight, mmmmmmm
stewing some older apples for applesauce in the stock pot, and I will add a custard sauce to mix in it this time around, just to make it more like a dessert.  
I also marinated a batch of mushrooms, if I hadn't these would no longer be fit to eat and would have had to be thrown out and I cannot afford that.  

Last October I made huge batches of chili as well as spaghetti sauce and put them all up into the freezer!  Yesterday I simply didn't feel like cooking so pulled a sauce container of spaghettie sauce and made myself a quickie dinner, no fuss or mess.  Have to admit, it was Yummmy

I love cooking shows, and there are a few I favor over others, one being on a specialty channel called "Lidia's Italy" where Lidia travels throughout the States picking and choosing favorite Italian dishes from that area, then prepares on television and shares these recipes with her tv audience.   She makes each recipe seem so simple and easy, then, when the meal has been cooked she tastes it and my mouth waters.  These meals all look so tasty.   Lidia is on again this evening, I wonder what scrumcious recipe she will cook up this this evening episode?

Sew, well, no sewing to speak of today, I merely had conversations on Skype with some of my friends, did some cooking as you saw and a bit of hand sewing on my hexagons which I will need probably several thousand of if ever I am going to get a queen sized quilt out of them and listened to my favorite instrumental music all day long.  All in all a very productive stuck in the house type of Friday during a snowstorm.

Thank you so very much for stopping by to visit with me, I hope you may have enjoyed sharing a bit of my day too.  Have a safe and wonderful weekend in spite of whatever type of weather your experiencing.

Spend the afternoon.  You can't take it with you.  ~Annie Dillard

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