Saturday, February 9, 2013

And Now Sunshine

Happy Saturday, the storm for us here in Ontario is over for the time being and the sun is shining though it is cold 
and windy still and there is a great deal of snow to be cleared away.  Though my friends along the eastern seaboard in Maine as well as the eastern provinces of Canada are still being hit quite hard with all of the nasty white stuff falling from the skies, but, it is great for those ski resorts whose places haven't seen enough snow for their business' in the past several years, so for those I am happy.  However, it is very dangerous for those who might be caught out in it, especially along the eastern coast of Canada and the United States, just take a look at these weather statements and storm pictures!!!  This is where you can also see the radar map showing the movement of this storm as it heads out towards the Atlantic. I am very happy to be here in my little house safe and warm.

Where I live looks rather pretty all decked out in that white stuff see how nice the snow looks on my neighbors roof line, almost a Rockwell!

Thanks to the wind, my deck received a good cover as well, and the ramp is not too useful at the moment and the bird feeding stations have disappeared under the mounds of snow.

Now all I need is to buy a snow shovel, that seem to be a very important utility tool I forgot to purchase.  

I have a boneless pork roast in the slow cooker and the aroma wafting throughout the house is wonderful.  I am going to have pulled pork this evening, I can't wait.  Yummy.
A few years ago I began a quilt for a friend using the free 2008 scrappy hearts free pattern from Cindy Carter using some of her mums' clothing in it as a memorial quilt for her.  I had used some of the clothes to make pillow for her brothers and sister, but the the rest were to be sewn into a quilt.  I only have 2 more blocks to make and then I can begin to assemble it, but for some reason it seems to be avoiding me, I just can't seem to get the feeling to work on it.  I promised myself I would finish this quilt and this is the time now to pull out the blocks and get it done, even though I am really wanting to work on the pieced border quilt, but that too is facing a problem.  The design roll I bought doesn't seem to have a huge variety of fabrics in it so I will be cutting some from the bit of stash I have here..  Last night in anticipation of me finishing the Scrappy Heart, I tea dyed a nice white cotton sheet for the back of t, but it turned out light even though I used quite a number of tea bags soaked in very hot boiled water, the first time, it was too light, so I did it again this morning, but it hasn't turned out much darker I may have to break down and buy some dye.   
It never hurts to have a few problems with a project, those rekindle some of the energy to get the problems solved and finish it.  Least ways that is how I sometimes get through those projects I seem to have lost focus in. 

Time for me to say cheerio for the day, so come back and visit with me tomorrow, hopefully I will have something of interest to share.

It's a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself.  Makes you wonder what else you can do that you've forgotten about.  ~Alan Ball

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