Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Ohhhhhhh Look What I Found!

You know I have been digging through boxes of an Estate and that a shop named BYGONERA was opened on Etsy to sell these pieces of some value, well, look at what was found yesterday!

A Miniature tiny Scripture Test Book published in the 1800's and not in print anymore.  I could not find this one at all other than as part of a Rare Book Collection...it is totally in tact but totally aged. 

Another piece is a Rare Rosenthal Trinket dish from the early 1900's.  So delicate and also still nicely in tact. 
Isn't it just so beautiful.  That it survived in a box for so long and has not seen the light of day in over probably twenty to thirty years is amazing!

I was so excited a week ago to have found a rare and old book written by one of my favorite people in Literature History, Beatrix Potter!  Miss Potter having become famous for her introduction of Peter Rabbit and his adventures to Children and then later in her life she introduced her Readers to Jemima Puddleduck and this is that little book titled "The Tale Of Jemima Puddleduck"!  Now how thrilling to find this.  To sit down amid the chaos and leaf through it, to see the drawings of Beatrix Potter bound in one of the first of old books to be found.  She was someone who knew how to write stories for children and then provide a pictorial illustration that I am positive kept children of that era enthralled....
As an avid reader myself I was thrilled to find old titles, like Hans Brinker and When We Were Very Young you just do not see these stories of my childhood on the shelves anymore!  Do any of you remember Hans Christian Anderson?  I do and I also remember how my imagination was carried away when reading these beautiful books!

While it is physically very tiring and totally chaotic in that house as you unpack box after box, it is also an adventure in that you have no idea what it is you will find!

I am off to put my aching legs up and do more research a my tiny house is filled with things I brought home with me from there to research and put up for sale, so I do hope you might find some time to either let me hear of your reading pleasures and come for a visit to Bygonera at Etsy, it is there where most of the Treasures found so far can be seen.....do come, you might enjoy see these pieces from another time and another place!

Have a super wonderful day today....

Success isn't a result of spontaneous combustion.  You must set yourself on fire.  ~Arnold H. Glasow

Friday, June 20, 2014

Treasures from a Bygonera

Hey there, here it is Friday once again, don't these Fridays of Spring fly on by just too quickly?

Guess your wondering where I have been, well, not to London to see the Queen, but certainly to that wonderfully filled old house and I do see the Queen everyday!  You see there is a huge portrait of her from the 1950's - taken just after her coronation...but that is about as close to our Queen as I am ever going to get...LOL

My friend who bought this house has decided that a shop inside would be more productive than having perpetual yard sales so...........We are opening a shop right there inside the house because having everything outside on the lawns and on the front porch looks every so junky and besides there is just too much to put out and take in every evening and you simply cannot leave it there forever.  Our neighbors have been waiting years and years to see this property restored once again and to make the street look lived in and welcoming once again.  So a shop inside was the perfect solution and while we continue to unpack and sort through the treasures and the not so treasure-able we believe we can sell much of it.  Mind you there is a huge amount already sorted, gone to thrift shops, into the local churches where my friends attend and as for the damaged or ruined things which were exposed to the years of weathering to the garbage dump.  Already 7 huge containers have been taken away and loads of scrap metals, old tools and the like, even old bicycles and a car!   

You Gotta Eat Here Program on the Food Network got me to thinking this morning - instead of you gotta eat here, You Gotta Buy Here - LOL  HELP get rid of the accumulated treasures inside the house filled with over 70+ years of his collecting.  This man did not discriminate he collected just about everything and it is quite the adventure opening those boxes. 

Inside one box not but a week ago from a kitchen cupboard and inside was nothing kitchen related at all even though it was marked "kitchen" - I found pencils, lighters, and surprise when I almost cut my finger off by touching three circular saw blades packed in paper toweling!!!!  Yeouch I am so happy with myself for being careful..

We have stacks of dolls and we have found two collection items out of the possible 60 "Barbie" like dolls that are of great interest - one is Michael Jackson!!!  Yup take a look at this!

This poseable Michael Jackson doll made by LJN Toys and modeled from the 1984 Music Awards where he wore a red military styled jacket which had gold braiding over which he wore a gold sash with a red seam running down along his black slacks.  Unfortunately we did not find the microphone he held nor the famous Glove!  We are going to list him in the online shop though, even without the Sash and Microphone....possibly someone might still want him.

Then we found a new Barbie still in her original box - whoop - whoop!  Scented California Surfer and you can still smell the scent!  

These are for sale and may definitely be found in the shop at bygonera@etsy.com

Your really should come and see just what we have placed for sale so far!  I do have some trouble keeping up with the listings because everyday we are finding hundreds of treasures and it really takes time to photograph, research the items provenance, if the item should have a provenance, and then list them, but we are working on it to be sure. 

And the vintage costume jewelry wow - what fun finding that!  Look at this interesting piece my friend found just yesterday!

A copper Cavalier Hat Brooch or as I call it a Muskateers Hat...LOL

So if you have some time why not come to the shop for a visit?  Bygonera@esty.com and soon I will have some photographs of the physical brick and mortar shop inside the house for you to ponder over..

Thank you so much for stopping by to see what I am up to once again, I hope to post again very soon with another chat about life in my neck of the woods...C Ya

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.  Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.  ~Pamela Vaull Starr

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Should be called SHARITY not Charity!

Hey there, it's Tuesday and from what I see it is going to become a very beautiful day!

I finally made the time to list my latest quilted tote in my Etsy Shop and I sincerely hope it will not be there too long.  Seemingly not many are buying quilted goods anymore.  Guess the economy is still in low slow down mode!  

Meet Daisy!  This fabric cried out to be used up and I had just enough to make this medium sized tote. 

I have discovered I very much enjoy the quilting process, no, not hand quilting as my arthritic fingers refuse to cooperate but with my sewing machine.  Like Leah Day says on her Free Motion Quilting Project Blog experimentation can be so much fun as well as rewarding, and I have taken her wonderful examples to heart.  

I find Quilters' to be very generous with their skills which they openly and freely share with their blog reading public.  There is also the generosity of quilters in general, advertise a worthy cause and boy, almost everyone steps up to the plate!  Instead of calling it Charity - I believe the correct word should be SHARITY if the donations come from Quilters... Quilters have HUGE HEARTS always there and sharing of their time, their fabrics and the costs of getting the completed quilts to their intended destinations.  

Take a look at just the one site, The World Wide Quilting Page!  It is on this site you will find another page dedicated to Charitable needs and causes!  Their quilting followers unite in all of these charities and share of themselves to be sure a lot!

To change the subject just for the moment, my foster dog Molly is allowing me to work on her matted fur, now I can see her legs and paws.  More to do on her this evening - she is like most other females in that she loves being brushed and cooed over!  When we are finished with her beauty treatments she will look 100% gorgeous!

Time for me to run I have people waiting with two doggies and I have just sent them to the "House" so will have to follow.....

Have a marvelous day wherever you are and do if time permits come and visit with me again tomorrow....

God hides things by putting them all around us.  ~Author Unknown

Monday, June 9, 2014

Activated the Week

Hello, it's Monday and I have clicked on the appropriate button to activate my busy week ahead...
My day began well with a KA-CHINGGGGG from Etsy!  Sold a collectible little handbag and so happy about that because someone is loving this vintage little piece!  
When it was delivered to me from my friends "collector/hoarders" house I immediately pictured it on Audrey Hepburns' wrist!  
See, it is not just so Hepburn?  I remember the late 50's early 60's when all girls of my age then were making every effort to dress in the Hepburn fashion.  I so loved her swanky sleek look and those coats with the wide cuffs, and the pill box hats she wore.. Her beautiful wide innocent eyed look, her gorgeous smile, her pixie hair cut, her always fresh look and that famous little black dress she wore in Breakfast at Tiffany's!   Givenshy's Muse..  Admittedly I did all I could to emulate her style away back when!  You have to admit that lady had class of her own!

The long and short of this tiny handbag is that it sold and will leave here for its' new home tomorrow...far far away...

Today, many more vintage treasures were unearthed.  The more my friend and her band of volunteers work their way further into the main floor and more they find and the more I try to grab if I believe it is a valuable piece of nostalgia.  There are treasures and there is junk and lastly there is garbage the worst is how expensive it is to get rid of the garbage.   It is the Treasures I am most interested in and even though I hesitate to say it out loud I am thoroughly enjoying the hours of research into each and every piece I bring home.  
Once I determine the provenance of an item it can then listed at BYGONERA  for sale! 

An Antique dealer is now at the house so I scooted out of there with my found treasures as quickly as I could so that he would not take back what it was I wanted to list..
Tomorrow another Antique shop owner is arriving and with his two doggies, that means I will have four doggies in my home and their all small breeds, meaning they probably won't be nice to one another, oh my goodness, don't know what I want to do about that!  Being in the Antique business is very interesting with many dealers having such varied interests. 

I began working on my foster dog Molly yesterday - her fur is so very matted and she needs immediate attention.  Now that she is becoming more used to me she allowed me to work on her four paws yesterday and a bit this morning, that is beginning to make her feel much better I think!

Finally, I haven't emptied my van from the Farmers' Market I was at last Friday, took things to sell from The Bag Lady From The Bay shop, so thinking I may as well leave them there because I am returning there for another try this coming Friday.  I didn't sell one piece last week but maybe I will get lucky and sell something this week?  I made a new quilted tote last week but have not yet found the time to list it, I'll do that next.  So many people handled the quilted bags and purses but no one seems to really need another bag!!!  Oh well, all I can do is try.  Everything quilted will come around again as it does with fashions.  

It will be a rather busy week for me, tomorrow the Antique Shop owner and his entourage and then back home here to rest up, then on Wednesday a research day for paintings and antique pieces I brought home with me this afternoon, Thursday is the day Ontarians' go to the polls to select a new Premier and party to govern, (well they call it governing, I have a different slant on that, but my thoughts are best left in the drawer, where all political and religious beliefs are being stored), Thursday evening I must cook or bake something for a pot luck supper event being held for the International Students and Host families get together on Friday evening,  Friday the market, then quickly home to change, grab whatever it is I am taking for pot luck and head on out to Brockville, Ontario for the event...hopefully Saturday and Sunday will be better rest up days..

Have I tuckered you out with all of my activities this week?  If I have I apologize,  but then again I am certain you all have weeks like this, possibly not the same activities but business all the same.  I will be happy if my friend can divest that house of all its stuff and earn something from all inside of it then she can go ahead and restore it.  She has some wonderful ideas and once the place has been emptied and cleaned she can make decisions on exactly what it is she would love to do with it! 

Thanks for stopping in today for a visit, having company is so much fun and your being here is a special treat.  I would enjoy hearing from you with any comments you may have, so, if you do have something you wish to share or say to me, please leave a comment, I promise I will respond...in the meantime have a wonderful evening, morning, or afternoon from wherever it is your reading this from and hopefully we shall see each other again tomorrow. 

I know God will not give me anything I can't handle.  I just wish that He didn't trust me so much.  ~Mother Teresa

Sunday, June 8, 2014


SLOWLY ever so slowly spaces are beginning to open up in the house my friend bought, the driveway is actually a driveway now and not a junky to the sidewalk packed space with a man made Quonset hut like structure housing boxes and items the people who owned the house were saving inside of it!  The wet soaked boxes which also seemingly housed small animal living quarters has been obliterated!

IF you can imagine the largest of the large dumpster containers, just imagine five have already come and gone at a hefty price and this has only made a small fraction of a difference.  We await the delivery of another dumpster bin this Monday!  

INSIDE we have also made strides, making a concerted effort to distinguish the valuable from the junk and the garbage has been phenomenal.  Out on the front law are five wooden tables set up to hold FREE glassware, dishes, pots and pans of every size and use distinction, books have been piled up on the front veranda, records of all types of music genres are also piled high, mystery boxes have been put together with a variety of items and being sold off, of course the items have some value, but more useful as being a part of a mystery!  Many people love the idea of rooting through boxes to see what treasures, if any are within!

I opened a secondary ETSY STORE to take some of the more valued pieces we are finding, and we have sold a lot in the yard/porch sale.  My quilty life has taken a back seat to this monumental task...

ON TOP of that house and being my friends helping partner in this her huge undertaking, she also managed to corral me into take on a little dog that some owner said she had to give away because her little one had allergies....Shih Tzu dogs are know for being hypo-allergenic are they not?  She came with her report from her vet, a hair brush and a crate, no favorite toy, no feeding instructions and on top of that she is not spayed!  Poor darling Molly is missing the only home and family she knew!  Four years is a long time to belong to a family and then one day find yourself out of that environment.  Poor little mite, she was so frightened.   I will have to take great care to see that she isn't left alone or outside where a male dog can get at her.  I don't want her bred, there are far too many unwanted pets being thrust away for whatever the reason and far too many strays who end up bringing more stray animals into an already overcrowded pet population. I will somehow find a way to get Molly spayed.  So now I have Molly and am fostering until a suitable new and loving owner(s) can be found.  Today I cut away much of her matted fur, trimmed her paws, and this afternoon will be a bath and beauty treatment session, just Molly and me!  She's going to look and smell so sweet. 

This is Molly before I tackled her matted paws ad underbelly.....I realize I did not do the same justice as the groomer will have done, but I have to give her some relief from the matted fur under her paws and trim the leg fur as a beginning, also her tummy area really needs de-matting....She was so nervous when she finally arrived at my door, but she simply does not understand being taken from the only home she knew and was now being set into the unknown.

Molly is a gentle as a lamb, with such a sweet disposition and very quiet personality and it took her nearly 48 hours to warm up to me, but seemingly we are bonding quite nicely and I am loving her to pieces, which isn't a good thing because I am worrying it may hurt her in the long run to become attached to another human and then be given away again.  Hopefully she will not be with too long before another human who really is waiting for a gentle loving companion. 

So between my friend and her hoarder/collectors' house, a second Etsy Shop and now Molly, time is flying past and my sewing machine and I have become separated for awhile...

Friday past was my first foray at a local Farmers' Market, not too many people came, but that's okay, I am hoping next Friday will be better for sales, if after the third week I see no sales at all I have decided I won't bother again. 

This spring seems to be the beginning of a Heavy Construction year for me in my personal life, so many activities to participate in and I bet some changes are on the horizon, guess I will just have to go slow, make every effort to smell the roses and enjoy Molly until we find her a new home. 

THANK you so very much for making the time to visit with me today, it is so nice to know someone else is out there who I might be sharing my tribulations and blessings with and I confess to having more blessings than tribulations and Universal abundance is always present....please, come and visit with me again. 

I've got a theory that if you give 100 percent all of the time, somehow things will work out in the end. "Larry Bird"