Thursday, February 7, 2013


Hey there, it's Friday Thursday once again, another week has almost flown past and I haven't accomplished much of anything to brag about, however I haven't wasted my time either, I have simply been busy enjoying my days.  Our weather bureau has been getting us all geared up for another humongous snow storm with all nasty little changes throughout thrown in by Mother Nature just to keep us on our toes!  

Heard today my dear son and family are on their way to our capital, the City of Ottawa to enjoy a bit of Winterlude fun and visit with my daughter-in-laws' family, I know they are going to have lots of fun!  For those who so enjoy winter and all of the fun that may be enjoyed out of doors during these cold and chilly winter months, these types of festivities are a great way to celebrate winter and the advent of Spring.  From all reports I have heard about Winterlude in Ottawa, the organizers go all out to make certain everyone who attends have a fantastic fun time of it.  Me, I am not the winter out of doors type of person, give me the warmth of sunshine and spring.  LOL  

IF you are interested here is where you'll see some wonderful pictures taken and here for Ice Sculptures (in 2003).  This Coach was magnificent    Each year there are lots of Ice Sculptures and some are so beautiful as to take your breath away, yeah, from the cold as well, but these are truly AWESOME each and every year.

Mommy sent G'ma a picture of wee Ella, what do you think of my little cupid?  Notice the earrings?  Guess G'ma will have to begin saving for some teeny tiny pretties for her ears.  She's just turned 4 months February 6th.  

Come this spring I have huge plans, I expect to have as many Rose bushes and wild flowers planted all around this new home of mine, and simply am patiently awaiting the arrival of spring so that I might get out and begin the plantings.  I so love roses and the sweet pungent scents of their blossoms once they begin blooming.  We have a wonderful place about two hours from here that grows hardy Ontario roses and he guarantees they will do well in our climate.  I bought bushes from Galetta Nurseries for my mother a few years ago and was rewarded with beautiful white and full scented blooms.  I now hope to obtain some of those bushes this year for myself and experience this pleasure for myself and of course to share with all who pass by.   The grower assures me I do not need to have a good green thumb to achieve success with his roses.  I hope he is right.  

Nothing is sweeter to me than sitting outside in spring and summer enjoying the warmth of the sun, listening to the buzzing of those busy bees, and the songbirds, like the House Finch melodious as well as so very pretty to look at, and at the web site you can see as well as listen to those beautiful feathered creatures as well other varieties,  many who will be around because I am going to bribe them with wonderful and delicious seed treats.  Then come the heat of summer and the humming birds, they will be around because I will fill feeders for them filled with rich syrupy liquids.

I have been struggling with the measurements of the intended Pieced Border quilt project, which pattern I read and saw over at Red Pepper Quilts, I want to use up a Design roll I purchased not long ago from the Missouri Star Quilt Co.  The pattern calls for 1 1/2" strips but the Design roll is 2.5" and I really want to use these in that project, so of course that really alters the pattern size.  It really would not be me if I didn't struggle over a pattern, I never can seem to just do what the pattern designer calls for.  LOL

It is now time for me to go back to my measurement struggles, once I have completed a few blocks and they don't look too bad, I promise to share these with you. 

Once again, may I remind you,  have have removed the need for word verification and moderating from the COMMENTS section, so, please, won't you introduce yourselves to me?  Seeing as it is Friday, I wish you all a great start to a wonderful doing whatever your planning to do weekend.

Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.  ~J. Lubbock

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  1. Hi - Sorry you're having such a storm there, but we are supposed to be getting it here around midnight. We'll see.
    Because I haven't been reading your blog, are you still in the same place with your mother, as you told me before? June in NB


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