Friday, February 22, 2013


I don't care how poor a man is; if he has family, he's rich.  ~Dan Wilcox and Thad Mumford 

Before I get into my post today I thought I would share with you something so heartwarming!  

When first I saw this picture I was shocked, didn't pay close enough attention and was thinking my goodness, she has a broken arm!!!!  Silly g'ma, it is a splint to hold the IV in place.  My son took my wee Ella to hospital last night because she was so sick.  The doctors thought it might have been pneumonia, but this morning after reading her tiny x-rays they believe it to be a case of bronchitis.  I admit I have heard of croup, but not bronchitis in such a little one before.  
Last week she was happy and smiling while visiting with G'ma and G'pa in Florida, and today she's visiting the doctors and nurses at her local hospital!
However, as this pictures says it all, Dad and daughter seem to be doing just fine, both sound asleep after a long and difficult day and night.
Though I managed to give myself a good old fashioned scare when first I saw this picture.  Now I am much, much happier knowing the full story!  Thank goodness for cell phones and the internet I am spelling my happiness today as RELIEF!!!

Now on a happier note, I received a newsletter from Free Quilt Patterns Info this morning and I wish to share it with you, it contains several free patterns and if you haven't seen it yet, then possibly this  might interest you? (No affiliation here).  What peaked my interest was the free pattern called "Checkered Past Quilt Pattern, by Hancy Reynolds"  and it is free for anyone and everyone to share around.  I just have to show this off to you and if you are interested in all free patterns, this is a site you might like to join?  I am one of those who haunts the internet for free patterns because I simply cannot afford to buy any more quilt magazines (which I think are great to have), and Free patterns make me a happy quilter.
Not only am I a fan of free pattern sharing (especially those which have no copyright) and this pattern it states is totally free and may be passed about without fear of the copyright police taking um-bridge.. this Civil war quilt is ideal, and also can use up those reproduction fabric remnants you might have from other projects and the pattern has history, thanks to Barbara Brackman!  Here is an excerpt from the free pattern page where you will find a link to download this free pattern!
 Barbara Brackman is a quilt historian and her blog, Material Culture, is an excellent source of information and resources having to do with historic quilts.  This pattern is a free one she presents on her website and was originally designed by Hancy Reynolds in the Civil War era.  More from Barbara:

"A simple pattern alternating two blocks recalls the somber year of 1862 as the Civil War marched on, the year of Julia Ward Howe's Battle Hymn of the Republic.  This scrappy design is made from Jelly Roll strips, extra fat quarters, and border yardage

It is so nice that our famous quilters make and take time to share with us through their web-sites and blogs, sharing their talents, skills and time.  Makes me feel proud to be a part of the quilting community, because Quilters really are some of the most generous people.
My post is a bit discombobulated today, but, I am one of those bloggers who rambles most of the time on any given day anyhow.  
My friend has left, she's found digs to stay at much closer to her mother and so I am back to being on my own again.  Since I made time yesterday to visit the Library, found 8 wonderful novels I hadn't read yet, and since I worried over my little angel being in hospital this morning, and now having been deserted by my visitor, I think a nice hot cup of coffee, some light instrumental music and one of my novels is in order and tomorrow I can return to the sewing machine....
Thank you so much for stopping in to visit with me for awhile this afternoon, I really needed the company.  Please, comments are free too, won't you share some of your thoughts with me?

Jumping for joy is good exercise.  ~Author Unknown

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