Saturday, March 2, 2013


You are about to enter a magical month that will bring a planetary lineup so rare and beneficial to you that you won't see this type of sparkling support again for decades.  

The above was taken from Susan Millers' Astrology zone and it refers to the many 1000's of people born in the month over which Pisces is the ruling sign and I am one of those people.  Now I look forward to it with anticipation.  

Yesterday I celebrated another year above ground - YAHOO!  One of the greatest blessings any human or creature alive today can be thankful for.  I was surrounded with best wishes from many friends via e-mail and in the post, and just look at these pretty and mouthwatering gifts I received. 

Just when I believed my wonderful day was ending,  a knock at my door last night proved me so wrong.  Two special friends came bearing gifts. 

and with those tulips a PIZZA which I have been craving to eat for weeks now!  Unfortunately they were unable to visit long so they missed out in sharing my mouth watering pizza.....LOL  IT WAS mouth watering satisfyingly delicious!!!!
Thank you both, no need for names as you know who you are, you capped off my special day!  No, no picture of the Pizza to share with all of you because I gobbled up three tasty slices before thinking of taking a picture, sorry!    

In the post I received a new copy of my most favorite of pieces of symphonic music a CD of Ralph Vaughan Williams "A Lark Ascending"  with this beautifully hand made card from my best friend.
I even had cake!  My friend and neighbor brought with her her little Doxie, Trixie for a visit and with them came these tasty loaves of Banana Bread all nicely tied up in colored ribbons.   How very thoughtful of her to bake these for me.  YUMMMMMMMMM

Telephone calls from my son and family and many wonderful friends also highlighted my special day.  AND the frosting of my day was that in between all of these wonderful gifts was that I actually had the energy and fun of sewing all day, then, to top of my beautiful pizza, I sat and watched some of my favorite programs which I had recorded and thoroughly enjoyed watching until 4 a.m. this morning!   This last deed made me rather groggy this morning,  something akin to having a hangover from too much imbibing the night before.  LOL

NOW tell me, am I not blessed?  
I so enjoying my sewing yesterday and once I finish my housework this afternoon I intend to sew some more of these buzz saw blocks.  Shamelessly I ignored my house and spent that time doing just as I pleased, I chose bits from what fabrics I have in my drawer, cut and pieced a pile of blocks and then began sub-cutting and finally began piecing the actual blocks together.   

 THIS has been the BEST BIRTHDAY ever!!!!

All in all, it was such a wonderful day and one which I am hoping you do not mind sharing with me?
March has come in not meekly as a lamb, but roaring in but also bringing with it the approach of Springtime, which season I am so looking forward to arriving.  I cannot wait to plant an array of colorful wild flowers, rose bushes as well as vegetables and herbs to adorn my little space outside. 
SO please Spring, if your reading this, please get her sooner rather than later cause I sit in anticipation of your arrival.....

This then is my version of the beginning of the Month of March, and waiting with eager anticipation for the "Magic"  to continue as Susan Miller believes this particular March will be! 

 Thank you for allowing me to share with you today, do come again, I'll treat you to a slice!

I know what things are good:  friendship and work and conversation.  These I shall have.  ~Rupert Brooke

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