Saturday, April 5, 2014

It's Been Far Too Long

I realize I have been away for close to a year, BUT....I have been exploring my personal life which has not been an easy task for me.

Now, after such a looooooooong winter and Spring might actually be on the horizon, I think I am ready to once again take part in the activities I so enjoyed a year ago, and blogging was one activity I really enjoyed.

Since just prior to last Christmas I have been making a concentrated effort in applying myself to my Etsy Shop in an attempt to not only quilt and sew more, but as a hoped for alternative to increasing some earnings.  

Now I am finally up and running full time on Etsy and finding that a regimen of working at the sewing machine during the daytime hours is good, and helps me to focus on getting through each day and not stressing over those things which I simply cannot change or fix. 

I realize it has been too long, but I am hoping you will welcome me back into the Blogger Fold and come visit when you have the time.  I so missed being here but there you have it, Life Happens, as so many are want to say!

I have finished a few quilt tops, a baby quilt, finished and sent, and many, many cosmetic bags, pouches and totes as well as purses, many were made from my fabrics which I actually quilted myself.  Unfortunately buying prequilted fabrics just isn't economically feasible for me, so I have done the next best thing. 

I made this Baby Quilt using only scraps from long ago projects, one of which was Winnie and Friends, it is now being loved to pieces by the little man I sent it to. 

Two quilt tops pieced but not sandwiched or quilted are the Scrappy 4 patch top and the Scrappy Half Square Triangles.  Now to get the gumption to actually get these finished. 

I really apologize for taking so long to return to blog land and I sincerely hope you come and visit again. Meanwhile my wish to all who visit is to have a wonderful weekend...

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