Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Done and Dusted

I made it, all of my Spring cleaning is done and dusted!
I also have a visitor in my home for a week, a Chinese Exchange Student, he came from China to improve his English language skills and go to University.  His Homestay mom is on her way to Paducah, Kentucky, which is Quilt City, U.S.A..  This is the Annual Quilt Show and Convention week and thousands attend this event from all over the world.......One place I would love to visit and which remains not crossed off my Bucket List. 

This link will take you to pictures "Scenes from the AQS - Paducah Annual Quilt Show and Contest" and this link will take you to read all about the "Eleanor Burns Tent" and the activities taking place with Eleanor and the Quilt In A Day events.
I am never certain which is more popular, Quilt Market both are so significant in their popularity.

It is at these venues where new ideas in quilting are placed before the buying public, new fabric lines, new quilting methods, new quilt patterns, new quilting notions and tools and all are shown off and demonstrated and eventually end up in the quilt magazines and quilt books we all covet and enjoy and make great uses of. 

Seeing as it is vary wet, dark and gloomy today and I am physically exhausted from my cleaning and getting up to get my guest student off to school in time, I believe I will treat myself to a nice fresh brewed cup of coffee (made from the coffee my cousin brought me from Holland this past summer) Mmmmmmmmmm, a few slices of toast and then sew for the rest of the morning and into mid-afternoon, at which time the school bus will be returning my guest and my free time will no longer be mine..

One last note, I made a new bag for Toddler and Preschoolers to carry their personal little toys in.  I am waiting to see how well it is received at my Etsy Shop
before investing in more of the large zippers I have used before ordering more.  I did however order lots more zippers from ZIPIT. IF you want a great zipper, contact Jennie from Zipit, she'll give you terrific service as sends me exactly what it is I want without problems and carries all sizes, styles and colors.  Now that I have my new supply of zippers and zipper pulls I can get busy and make more bags....

 I also have more donated fabric and am also sewing special little bags with zippers for a fundraising event this coming June....A young family lost their home to fire and a fundraiser is being organized to assist them with building materials...I have given myself enough time to make at least 75 to 100 which when sold will also become my donation...I get great satisfaction out of being a part of my community.

Thank you so much for stopping by and visiting with me on this dull and dreary day today, knowing your out there fills my heart full of sunshine. 

The difference between try and triumph is a little umph.  ~Author Unknown

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