Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday Already?

SATURDAY, where has the week gone?  Yesterday I had a visitor for a few hours while her human family went hospital visiting.....Isn't she just so cute?  Missy kept me company while I sewed, then we went for a ride to the post office and the store, after that we took a walk came home and played and then when we were ready to have our evening meal, her humans came to collect her.    

Her human mum said Missy wasn't feeling well and that she wouldn't be eating any food, or so she thought.  Aha, after doing her duty outside and our romping inside, she ate some kibble and had a nice long drink, good doggie!

A young man who worked for a family member has been in a terrible accident and the doctors have determined that he will be a paraplegic.  Sadly this young fellow managed to retain high academic scores in school, hold down a part time job and manage to attain his private pilots' licence.  Now the Villagers, his friends and acquaintances are going to throw a huge fundraiser to assist in defraying costs for his rehabilitation which will not be covered by our health system, so, I will be donating a quilt to the Silent Auction.  Since the fundraiser will be in the fall, I am thinking something with earth tones and something not too busy.  Was thinking the Desert Nine Patch pattern.  What do you think?    

or the double Irish chain pattern all done in fall colors?

I am thinking the Desert nine patch might look nicer, but I am a sucker for these types of quilts, especially for fundraisers....who really knows, but I must make a choice and soon otherwise it won't be finished, knowing me!!! I am nearly finished quilting the outside pockets of the tote I am making, then I will be in a good position to make the interior and the handles and then put it all together.  It is my goal to finish it this weekend but I believe it is like I am hoping to get it finished....I never delay interruptions...LOL

I leave you with my thanks for stopping in this  morning once again to share my rambles with and I wish you a wonderful weekend and hope you'll give me a moment and comment with your ideas for my donation fundraiser quilt, I could use all of the help that I might receive and gratefully too!

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.  ~Henry David Thoreau


  1. So lovely!
    Greetings from Finland!
    Hugs, Ulla

  2. Ulla, so very sorry I did not see your comment on this post, I so apologize, I never meant to be rude, I just never saw it because I wasn't posting. Thank you


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