Thursday, April 17, 2014

UGH! Spring Cleaning Resumes

Good Morning to you!  

I spent yesterday with our Community Kitchen Group not far from where I live and it was fun. Community Kitchen was instigated by our Church not far from where I live.  It is held every third Wednesday of the month. This is when the group meets together, cook together and share the meal we cooked, socialize and often a Speaker will attend and give a talk on something of  interest to seniors or about programs which might be available to us living within the community.  Before our group breaks up we set aside time for a Prayer Circle, the best time of all, communicating in fellowship with God thanking Him for our Blessings and asking for help for some in the community who are in need of Gods' Blessings of healing. 
Some months ago, we had a speaker in from our Community Health Services giving a talk on simple and safe exercises we as Seniors could perform for ourselves and it was during that talk she gave each person who wanted one a pedometer  (a step counter). 
As a group suggestion after the talk and during our shared meal we thought it might be nice to add up our collective steps from each counter and decide just how far a distance those steps would take us, had we been actually walking, lets say to the next town, or another province, or a place in the United States, or even across the ocean to lets say Paris, France or London, England, of Dallas Texas - get my drift?  Then having decided where it was we might have ended up with our combined walking steps we would plan a meal indigenous to that place. 

This month our collective step count took us to New Orleans, Louisiana. 
 What we knew would be an easy dish for us to try would be a "Gumbo" which we all agreed  was an authentic dish which Louisianians eat.  So a Gumbo dish is what we decided to cook and share!  We made two simple and easy versions, one a chicken gumbo the other a shrimp gumbo, both were so delicious!  I even tried Okra and Hot Sauce for the first time....Mmmmmmmm it was so good.

By the time I arrived home I was totally worn out and with company coming for a week this Easter Sunday, I made a start on the balance of my Spring Cleaning.  Did manage to get all of my cleaning supplies ready for today,

 I simply did not have the physical resources to start actually cleaning, but, this morning bright and early, I made my move on the master bedroom. 

My spare room is where I have all of my fabrics, sewing machine, etc. set up, but, now it is all going to be arranged differently.  The thought of moving all of that fabric is mind boggling!  However,  I am going to move all of my sewing essentials into my master bedroom and sew in there.  This move will allow for my spare bedroom to be available with just the occasional cleaning being needed and for me to sew no matter who is visiting.

My house looks like a tornado has been through here, there is not a space that isn't being taken up with things and furniture waiting to be placed, what a mess I have made.  There isn't even a place to sit where it is free from clutter and all things I have been moving around.  Thank goodness  for throw rugs, I can just push those little rugs under the furniture and slide them from one room to another...doing the move this way and at this rate I should be finished by Saturday, hopefully leaving me enough time to gather my wits about me and have a relax before company arrives...LOL

Guess you've heard enough about my spring clean and I hope I haven't tuckered you out as well. Hopefully tomorrow I will have better news to share...Lets see how far I get today!  Though I admit in all honesty I am wishing I had not even begun this chore cause I am feeling rather lazy with this daunting task in front of me...


Life's problems wouldn't be called "hurdles" if there wasn't a way to get over them.  ~Author Unknown

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