Monday, April 7, 2014

A Beautiful Day is Unfolding

Monday Morning and a most beautiful day is beginning to unfold!  Though the weatherman has been giving out weather warnings for our area, apparently we are to expect a mixed bag, guess Winter is having a dust up with Spring!  I am just grateful for the weather at this moment as it is lifting my spirits.

I can remember a day in 1965 when on April 17th it snowed!  Here I was all decked out in pink lace and tiny pearled pink pumps, a cute little velvet hat (can you remember wearing hats?) in church while waiting for the Bride to arrive for her special day....close to fifty years ago that was and those two will celebrate their 50th next year.  

What took my thoughts back to that day was not just the weather which looked so promising, just as it does today, but to the beautiful Double Wedding Ring Quilt the Bride and Groom were given on that day.  Back in the "Olden Days" as my grandson would say, married couples waited until after arriving from the church as newly weds to open their wedding gifts. 

The one gift I remember watching them unwrap was the most beautiful Double Wedding Ring quilt made especially for them by two of the Brides' Aunties.  It was the most perfect of gifts.   I can remember thinking how wonderful to be under that cover all deliciously warm and cozy.  

While this quilt pictured was not the quilt my friends received, it really did resemble this beautiful quilt pictured here.  

Imagine, two women sitting together for close to a year hand piecing this beautiful traditional quilt pattern, then finishing it with hand quilting.  I believe that quilt is still alive and well today...

Have you noticed, the movement towards a trend in the Quilt world during these past few years?  A new trend is making a statement in what is being called Modern Quilting. With the most technologically advanced sewing machines,  Fabric Designers with their visionary designs not just in the fabric lines, but in Design, the relationship between color, texture and movement!  

Awhile ago I stumbled across "The Quilting Edge" a blog by Marianne Haak, whose blog is too interesting not to visit each week and just take a peek into her Gallery and there you will find the most interesting quilts with colors that jump out and grab you. 

Time to wish you a marvelous day, I'm gonna grab a fresh coffee and take myself off to my sewing room, I have something to create! 

C'Ya tomorrow?

A cloudy day is no match for a sunny disposition.  ~William Arthur Ward

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