Tuesday, January 29, 2013


I've spent the entire day avoiding doing anything, except to putter with small insignificant tiny chores which over the past several weeks I purposely ignored. However there was one chore that had to be done today, I had to actually leave the house and go to the bank.  We pensioners were paid today, LOL.  Reason for the hastes is that according to weather warnings all last night and early this morning over the freezing rain.  Apparently it was supposed to begin here this afternoon, but so far not a drop of rain frozen or otherwise.  Hooray, maybe it won't happen at all.   I hurried, did my banking, deposited all of the books I had finished reading last week and over the weekend into the Return Book box at the Library and headed on home. 
My remaining stack of great Mysteries left to read.
The weather warnings said the freezing rain would begin near lunch time, now, here it is, near 4 in the afternoon and no rain.  Oh well, least I did what had to be done outside today.  Sorting through my list of chores and have them all crossed off so now I may read and sew to my hearts content without the nagging factor of  reading when I could be sewing or sewing when I could be reading.  LOL  DO you ever have times like this?  

My main problem over the last few days in pain, lots and lots of pain which whether or not those researchers agree or not is brought on by this miserable damp and chilly weather and my excuse for avoiding doing very much.  Dry cold weather temperatures do not bother me near as much as when there is precipitation along with the chill.  Do any of you suffer from severe forms of arthritis?  As I age it seems to worsen. 

As I tell you in my small bio, I am dutch by birth and yesterday heard from my best friend in Holland of the breaking news, the Queen of Holland, Queen Beatrix is abdicating in favor of her son, Willem-Alexander.  So for the first time in over 123 years, Holland will effectively be ruled by a King!  Who'd have thunk it?  Hooray for Holland... 

One of the news services uploaded this photo just several hours ago, guess the Royals will be busy over the new several months making appearances and planning the changing of the Guard...Good luck to King Willem-Alexander in waiting..

While I have been in a mood lately attempting to avoid the pain I am in, I took to reading more than anything else, and, I have been visiting webshots, flicker and other sites containing lots and lots of quilt images and wonderful sites with tutorials and free quilt patterns.  I found so many more free patterns I just had to have along the way and have downloaded them. I am such a fan of free patterns and there are hundreds of these freebies out there, collecting the patterns is one thing, but when in the name of heaven will I be able to make them all, but I am thrilled to have them, as with fabrics we amass, so it is with a variety of quilts we would someday really like to make.  DO you collect patterns which you simply haven't found time to make yet?  I am so guilty of this pastime! 

Goodness only knows when I will have successfully moved all of my fabrics from my mothers' home.  Most of my belongings are still there, but I have no interest or haste to go and collect them, I am in what some of the psych professionals might accuse me of being, the avoidance mode...be that as it may, if nothing else, I have begun learning how to come home to myself.  These lessons are a bit late in coming, but now that I have begun the routine, I find I am rather liking it.  

I sincerely hope your weather is much better than what we have had here for the past several days and that Spring hurries to our rescue.  Unfortunately for me, skiing or skating is no longer in my ability retinue, so it is the warmer weather I am longing for.

Are you an avid reader?  Pixel of Ink has new books up for free today.....

Thank you for stopping by and sharing some of your time with me and I do hope you will return again, if for no other reason than to share some time with me.

Take the time to come home to yourself every day.  ~Robin Casarjean

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