Sunday, January 27, 2013


What with this being a  fantastic Curling on this weekend on tv, the still very cold temperatures out of doors I took to cooking yesterday I somehow lost track and ended up having a thoroughly happy cooking day.  I did sew for awhile, but now find a need for some frog stitching, as one of the pieces in my one place mat looks a tad wonky, time to rip it apart and resew.

I cooked my favorite dish yesterday, yummy baked beans, in the crock pot, and one of my favorite comfort foods for winter.  Mmmmmmm they tasted yummy.  Then the rest were placed into containers and put up in the freezer because I always cook more than I can eat in one sitting!  

I used my traditional oven bake recipe for my crock pot.

Now all I need to do is bake some biscuits to eat along with these... yummmmmmy

I bet some of you are just like me, when it is cold outside, cooking always seems to be just the right activity to do.  Course, my freezer is full to overflowing and it won't hold one more item!   

I remembered a friends are expecting a baby this April and it is now time to give it some serious planning, so time to begin dreaming about just the right pattern and fabric choices to make it.  I went surfing to one of my most visited sites, Connecting Threads and this time visited the FREEBIES section and chose this coins baby quilt pattern to try for a change.
I am one of those quilters who looks for free patterns and as I am self taught I generally seek out patterns I haven't tried before.  While this pattern is relatively easy it is ideal for a quick project and mailing and this one needs done because April isn't too far off and I want it to be there to welcome baby home. 

Are you enjoying your weekend?  I certainly have been enjoying mine, and while some of you won't know, our Province has a new Premier, a woman.  First woman to hold this office in our Provinces' history, so Ms. Wynne won....I hope she lives up to the potential she portrayed to have during her election campaign.

This is it for me today, I am off to stick my nose into the current book I am reading, it's a mystery and one of those I simply must get back to.  Do you have a favorite set of Authors you enjoy reading?  I would love to hear from you if you do.

Comments are free, so, if you have a comment to make, please leave one for me, I am always looking for interaction between myself and those of you who follow or stumble upon my blog and one of the best ways to get acquainted or re-acquainted with those who lost track of me due to the loss of the original blog and my posts. 

Thank you for sharing a few moments of your Sunday with me, and remember....
Happiness is a direction, not a place.  ~Sydney J. Harris


  1. Hi Mitts! Your biscuits look like my scones :-) Love PamP

  2. Pam, so nice to see you here and don't those scones/biscuits straight from the oven taste so scrumptious with butter and jam? Where are you living now? Do write and bring me up to date, please.


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