Sunday, June 8, 2014


SLOWLY ever so slowly spaces are beginning to open up in the house my friend bought, the driveway is actually a driveway now and not a junky to the sidewalk packed space with a man made Quonset hut like structure housing boxes and items the people who owned the house were saving inside of it!  The wet soaked boxes which also seemingly housed small animal living quarters has been obliterated!

IF you can imagine the largest of the large dumpster containers, just imagine five have already come and gone at a hefty price and this has only made a small fraction of a difference.  We await the delivery of another dumpster bin this Monday!  

INSIDE we have also made strides, making a concerted effort to distinguish the valuable from the junk and the garbage has been phenomenal.  Out on the front law are five wooden tables set up to hold FREE glassware, dishes, pots and pans of every size and use distinction, books have been piled up on the front veranda, records of all types of music genres are also piled high, mystery boxes have been put together with a variety of items and being sold off, of course the items have some value, but more useful as being a part of a mystery!  Many people love the idea of rooting through boxes to see what treasures, if any are within!

I opened a secondary ETSY STORE to take some of the more valued pieces we are finding, and we have sold a lot in the yard/porch sale.  My quilty life has taken a back seat to this monumental task...

ON TOP of that house and being my friends helping partner in this her huge undertaking, she also managed to corral me into take on a little dog that some owner said she had to give away because her little one had allergies....Shih Tzu dogs are know for being hypo-allergenic are they not?  She came with her report from her vet, a hair brush and a crate, no favorite toy, no feeding instructions and on top of that she is not spayed!  Poor darling Molly is missing the only home and family she knew!  Four years is a long time to belong to a family and then one day find yourself out of that environment.  Poor little mite, she was so frightened.   I will have to take great care to see that she isn't left alone or outside where a male dog can get at her.  I don't want her bred, there are far too many unwanted pets being thrust away for whatever the reason and far too many strays who end up bringing more stray animals into an already overcrowded pet population. I will somehow find a way to get Molly spayed.  So now I have Molly and am fostering until a suitable new and loving owner(s) can be found.  Today I cut away much of her matted fur, trimmed her paws, and this afternoon will be a bath and beauty treatment session, just Molly and me!  She's going to look and smell so sweet. 

This is Molly before I tackled her matted paws ad underbelly.....I realize I did not do the same justice as the groomer will have done, but I have to give her some relief from the matted fur under her paws and trim the leg fur as a beginning, also her tummy area really needs de-matting....She was so nervous when she finally arrived at my door, but she simply does not understand being taken from the only home she knew and was now being set into the unknown.

Molly is a gentle as a lamb, with such a sweet disposition and very quiet personality and it took her nearly 48 hours to warm up to me, but seemingly we are bonding quite nicely and I am loving her to pieces, which isn't a good thing because I am worrying it may hurt her in the long run to become attached to another human and then be given away again.  Hopefully she will not be with too long before another human who really is waiting for a gentle loving companion. 

So between my friend and her hoarder/collectors' house, a second Etsy Shop and now Molly, time is flying past and my sewing machine and I have become separated for awhile...

Friday past was my first foray at a local Farmers' Market, not too many people came, but that's okay, I am hoping next Friday will be better for sales, if after the third week I see no sales at all I have decided I won't bother again. 

This spring seems to be the beginning of a Heavy Construction year for me in my personal life, so many activities to participate in and I bet some changes are on the horizon, guess I will just have to go slow, make every effort to smell the roses and enjoy Molly until we find her a new home. 

THANK you so very much for making the time to visit with me today, it is so nice to know someone else is out there who I might be sharing my tribulations and blessings with and I confess to having more blessings than tribulations and Universal abundance is always present....please, come and visit with me again. 

I've got a theory that if you give 100 percent all of the time, somehow things will work out in the end. "Larry Bird"

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