Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Should be called SHARITY not Charity!

Hey there, it's Tuesday and from what I see it is going to become a very beautiful day!

I finally made the time to list my latest quilted tote in my Etsy Shop and I sincerely hope it will not be there too long.  Seemingly not many are buying quilted goods anymore.  Guess the economy is still in low slow down mode!  

Meet Daisy!  This fabric cried out to be used up and I had just enough to make this medium sized tote. 

I have discovered I very much enjoy the quilting process, no, not hand quilting as my arthritic fingers refuse to cooperate but with my sewing machine.  Like Leah Day says on her Free Motion Quilting Project Blog experimentation can be so much fun as well as rewarding, and I have taken her wonderful examples to heart.  

I find Quilters' to be very generous with their skills which they openly and freely share with their blog reading public.  There is also the generosity of quilters in general, advertise a worthy cause and boy, almost everyone steps up to the plate!  Instead of calling it Charity - I believe the correct word should be SHARITY if the donations come from Quilters... Quilters have HUGE HEARTS always there and sharing of their time, their fabrics and the costs of getting the completed quilts to their intended destinations.  

Take a look at just the one site, The World Wide Quilting Page!  It is on this site you will find another page dedicated to Charitable needs and causes!  Their quilting followers unite in all of these charities and share of themselves to be sure a lot!

To change the subject just for the moment, my foster dog Molly is allowing me to work on her matted fur, now I can see her legs and paws.  More to do on her this evening - she is like most other females in that she loves being brushed and cooed over!  When we are finished with her beauty treatments she will look 100% gorgeous!

Time for me to run I have people waiting with two doggies and I have just sent them to the "House" so will have to follow.....

Have a marvelous day wherever you are and do if time permits come and visit with me again tomorrow....

God hides things by putting them all around us.  ~Author Unknown

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