Friday, June 20, 2014

Treasures from a Bygonera

Hey there, here it is Friday once again, don't these Fridays of Spring fly on by just too quickly?

Guess your wondering where I have been, well, not to London to see the Queen, but certainly to that wonderfully filled old house and I do see the Queen everyday!  You see there is a huge portrait of her from the 1950's - taken just after her coronation...but that is about as close to our Queen as I am ever going to get...LOL

My friend who bought this house has decided that a shop inside would be more productive than having perpetual yard sales so...........We are opening a shop right there inside the house because having everything outside on the lawns and on the front porch looks every so junky and besides there is just too much to put out and take in every evening and you simply cannot leave it there forever.  Our neighbors have been waiting years and years to see this property restored once again and to make the street look lived in and welcoming once again.  So a shop inside was the perfect solution and while we continue to unpack and sort through the treasures and the not so treasure-able we believe we can sell much of it.  Mind you there is a huge amount already sorted, gone to thrift shops, into the local churches where my friends attend and as for the damaged or ruined things which were exposed to the years of weathering to the garbage dump.  Already 7 huge containers have been taken away and loads of scrap metals, old tools and the like, even old bicycles and a car!   

You Gotta Eat Here Program on the Food Network got me to thinking this morning - instead of you gotta eat here, You Gotta Buy Here - LOL  HELP get rid of the accumulated treasures inside the house filled with over 70+ years of his collecting.  This man did not discriminate he collected just about everything and it is quite the adventure opening those boxes. 

Inside one box not but a week ago from a kitchen cupboard and inside was nothing kitchen related at all even though it was marked "kitchen" - I found pencils, lighters, and surprise when I almost cut my finger off by touching three circular saw blades packed in paper toweling!!!!  Yeouch I am so happy with myself for being careful..

We have stacks of dolls and we have found two collection items out of the possible 60 "Barbie" like dolls that are of great interest - one is Michael Jackson!!!  Yup take a look at this!

This poseable Michael Jackson doll made by LJN Toys and modeled from the 1984 Music Awards where he wore a red military styled jacket which had gold braiding over which he wore a gold sash with a red seam running down along his black slacks.  Unfortunately we did not find the microphone he held nor the famous Glove!  We are going to list him in the online shop though, even without the Sash and Microphone....possibly someone might still want him.

Then we found a new Barbie still in her original box - whoop - whoop!  Scented California Surfer and you can still smell the scent!  

These are for sale and may definitely be found in the shop at

Your really should come and see just what we have placed for sale so far!  I do have some trouble keeping up with the listings because everyday we are finding hundreds of treasures and it really takes time to photograph, research the items provenance, if the item should have a provenance, and then list them, but we are working on it to be sure. 

And the vintage costume jewelry wow - what fun finding that!  Look at this interesting piece my friend found just yesterday!

A copper Cavalier Hat Brooch or as I call it a Muskateers Hat...LOL

So if you have some time why not come to the shop for a visit? and soon I will have some photographs of the physical brick and mortar shop inside the house for you to ponder over..

Thank you so much for stopping by to see what I am up to once again, I hope to post again very soon with another chat about life in my neck of the woods...C Ya

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul.  Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal.  ~Pamela Vaull Starr

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