Monday, May 26, 2014


It has been awhile since I posted and told you all about my friends purchase of a house filled with "collectibles" and "junk"!

I have been busy since that post what with a few dogs coming to stay while their human owners were away and going to that house that used to smell so terrible!  Now the house is almost able to be in for more than a few moments.  We have had the grass mowed, and 1/2 of the driveway emptied of rotting trash which the old fellow believed to be collectible stuff and actually since it got wet and was molding it has been dealt with as a new collection in a huge container.  So far three of those extra huge containers have been filled and taken away only to be replace with empty ones which the men are now working on filling.  
Inside the house the kitchen has been dismantled, cupboards emptied, and table set up out on the front lawn with a huge "FREE" sign, and many more items set up on tables on the front porch for sale.  Items go bit by trickled bit from the porch sale, and the free items while some disappear, more and more gets loaded onto the table tops...
I have spent over 100 hours on the internet researching items which we believe to have value and have put them up for sale in a new Etsy Shop we named BYGONERA and each day we come across more and more.  

The research is really necessary because there are things of value and if you ask a price for something valuable, it should it at all possible have a provenance attached or an age verified added with it.  Many pieces this previous owner believed to have value had none at all, and, many of the paintings need to be authenticated too.  Then there are the most wonderful of old picture frames attached to some paintings which really simply cannot be thrown into a junk heap, they deserve their purpose to be nicely displayed in a new home where the craftmanship can be appreciated all over again. 
This piece is from a pottery manufacturer which is now no longer in operation!

Yet the pieces available on the open market place are few and far's vibrancy still rings true and not a mark on it, no scratches, nicks or breaks.  Such a beautiful piece. 

Yesterday we found this magnificent Brown Glass Wine bottle from 1934 - what a rare find actually has its own provenance and I am hoping some glass collector will snap it up soon. 

Then too this lovely collectible handbag, 

And this piece of trench art - 

Now at least there are more than just pathways to walk through and eventually given a few more months we may even have the house emptied.  
Yesterday while I was there people just came waling into the house uninvited, how spooky is that?  Everyone wants to see inside - scary, you walk into a room and there standing is another human form - one woman actually walked out of the upstairs bedroom and here while I thought I was the only one upstairs she walks out and scared the bejimminies out of me!   I think I aged about 10 years!

Time to go, the house calls and my knees are groaning, but, I gave my word to help and another few hours and we'll find more than enough to keep me busy researching for hours on end. 

Have a great day today and thanks for stopping in to visit with me for those precious few moments you had to spend. 

One of the secrets of life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks.  ~Jack Penn

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