Monday, August 5, 2013

What Does Today Have In Store For You?

Hey there, since today is the Civic Holiday across Canada, I have been wondering just what everyone else is using this Monday for.  The weather this weekend has turned a tad chilly at nights so that those sitting around camp fires are definitely wearing sweats and sweaters and the swimming is while not quite finished the waterways seem to have only those stalwart people who don't mind the lower water temperatures in there splashing about and using summer to its fullest. 

This morning I heard the Loons on the Lake, I just love Loons, don't you?
Then also this morning I heard geese honking, lots of geese who seemed to be on their way south or so it looked to me as if they were flying south, maybe getting a head start on their annual flight to their winter quarters....

just guessing of course.

My neighbors' pumpkins are growing fast and furious too, so who knows better than nature about the changing of the seasons?

IT'S 53.6 degrees outside on my veranda this morning....up from 52 earlier and I have dressed appropriately to allow for some extra body heat while still keeping all of my windows open to enjoy this wonderful fresh air.  Thank heavens this cooler temperature has scared off those pesky mosquitoes...LOL 

Today is catch up for me after yesterdays throbbing headache and company it is time to get back to my tote bag quilting and creating..I say creating because I never follow a pattern and end up changing it as I go along, a little like Ms. Mary Ellen Hopkins who sadly passed on July 11th, 2013, Ms. Hopkins was my all time favorite inspirational Quilting Guru.

I never got to Skype with my friends yesterday so I'll be sewing and Skyping today, can you feel the anticipation here?  I should be looking to finishing the many quilt tops I have but this tote idea got in my way...LOL

Are some of you like me?  Always eyeing that next project that takes your fancy?  I have so many quilt tops to sandwich and quilt and while I have good intentions to work on those I allow myself to get sidetracked.  No wonder I am always behind my own schedule! 

It is my cousins' BIG 60th Birthday today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUZ I wish you a fantastic Birthday this year....WISH YOU WERE HERE AGAIN?

Seems like I have rambled on enough today, so I leave you with my thanks for stopping by to read about what it is I am sharing today and hopefully tomorrow if I don't once again get sidetracked may have something more than just the fabric I am quilting for my new creation to share with you. 

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.  ~Marcel Proust

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