Saturday, August 3, 2013

A Taste of the Frugal

Sometime last year I introduced you to a friend of mine, Emma MacPherson,  whose talents are many, then as a photographer and author, now Blogger.  
Today I would like to introduce you to Emma's Blog, Living The Simple Life!  I am certain as time goes on if her introduction to her blog is anything to go by will prove to be of great interest to many.
Congratulations and welcome to the world of Blogging Emma, I for one am so interested in your point of view and am certain I too will be learning something new as I follow along with you!
As I sew on my latest project today the scent of the baking beans I am making are wafting throughout the house....Mmmmm I so enjoy home baked beans and freshly baked bread of which I have a loaf of just waiting for me to cut into....YUM

Several weeks ago a good friend gave me these freshly grown peas from their garden and these have been blanched and are now residing in my freezer for good eating come this, what's in your freezer?

As Quilters and Crafter's we all search for ways and means to support our hobby habits and in this endeavor many of us follow similar rules to acquiring our materials to create something out of.  As said in some of my previous posts I so enjoy hoking about for remnants to make my quilts from as well as up-cycling different types of fabrics to create my tote bags from as I so enjoy selling that "one of a kind" item I have created and I have Bonnie Hunter, to thank for the taste of frugality I now practice.   Bonnie has been advocating this type of scrappy fabric gathering forever and she proves it with her glorious quilts.

What about you?  Do you up-cycle?  Do you scrounge the 2nd hand shops and remnant bins for your quilted and crafted items?  I see many shops on Etsy that practice up-cycling and these people create very beautiful items.

I had to learn to be frugal due to my being on a very fixed income from pensions so that after paying my living expenses I find not sufficient left over to spend on my hobby.  To this end I made myself a promise not to buy anything new if at all possible and to this end I keep pulling from my stash. This provides me still with lots to work with and at times when I am looking for that one of a kind piece to make I go scrounging the second hand shops and as many of the remnant bins as I can find.  
My recent forays always have me searching for zippers and nice sized buttons to use in my many projects.   Not only do I sew for charity but I also make things to sell near Christmas time and to add as inventory to my Etsy Shop (which is woefully empty at the moment).
Stretching the few dollars I manage to save from selling items is very gratifying. 

Do you remember that wonderful old quote "look after the pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves" or something like those words.  Since becoming a pensioner this is what I have had to learn.  

Once again I would like to thank Emma for her timely themed Blog "Living The Simple Life" because again it has reinforced my need to continue on the road I have set for myself being as frugal as I can possibly be.  

Remember that piece of fabric I showed you the other day ?  I plan on turning it into another one of a kind tote bag which I am still quilting the fabric for, so it is off to get back to that.

Thank you for dropping in today to share some of your time with me and I wish you a perfectly wonderful day and I look forward to posting again tomorrow.  

Expect nothing.  Live frugally on surprise.  ~Alice Walker 

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  1. Love reading your blog, and you made me hungry. Hope your day continues to be fruitful. Hugs, June


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