Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nostalgic Thoughts Today

Hey there, here we are, another Sunday already and officially Spring is into its' 3rd day!  Looking back in review of this past week I confess I haven't accomplished very much other than to sit and crochet or read, physically I didn't feel up to much and mentally, well we won't go there because there's nothing of value to discuss. 

Notwithstanding my inability to motivate myself into any accomplishments which can be considered noteworthy, I have made some headway with my evening "tv watching" project, not too bad and it is coming along nicely. 

I have also been busy surfing through boards on Pinterest and adding anything and everything I happened upon or liked to my own Boards.  I managed to spend a great deal of time in looking for sewing room ideas.  My friend who has returned from out West will be having her boxes and totes currently being stored in my one spare room removed by the end of this month,  leaving me a month to transform that space into a guest/sewing room.  I know it won't be totally what I have visions of, but for the time being it will have to do because the "guest" part takes precedence over the actual sewing area.  Henry David Thoreau said "It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see."  

This May one of my Dutch cousins will be making her very first visit to Canada and I am excited about showing off this beautiful part of the county I now live in.   Thus my interest in turning this tiny spare room of mine into a welcoming guest retreat, so there is no haste because the sewing/crafting area can be refined later. 

The internet is such a wonderful entity and I have been thinking about how far our societies have come since computers have overtaken our lives in such a short span of time.  Can you remember your first computer?  Remember Dos?  I shudder from the memories of having had to learn Dos, remembering my frustrations as well as temper tantrums over the many mistakes I made when entering a string of Dos commands, only to get no where or to losing all that work which you were going to save to those large floppy disks only to discover you lost it all, and growing with all the changes to computing, like graduating to the smaller hard disks which held so much more information, seeking storage solutions for the hundreds of disks we produced, the agonies of searching for information on them because the labels were not long enough , the extra space needed to hold all those hard plastic disk storage cases, the constant rebooting, and with those long bands which connected the computer to a printer!!!... somehow the growth from this first system to the notebook I use today are such worlds apart that sometimes I question my memory of it all, and, that I actually was a part of this growth.   

No quilting pictures or patterns were harmed in this process because theses items were not to be had away back in those olden days!  LOL   I know my grandchildren will never understand those old fashioned gizmos......

Before I leave you today give a look back into the past to those "vintage years" when Aunt Grace or Granny Lil" would patiently wait for their mailman to deliver a pattern they purchased through their local newspaper for 10 or 15 cents plus a prepaid stamped addressed envelope. 
Today, we can locate hundred of thousands of patterns, tutorials and images of those same patterns right here from the comfort of your own home in an instant.  An interesting article on this can be read over at Shop Martingale which has an image taken from the  Book...........

Fancy to Frugal - Authentic Quilt Patterns from the '30s

Thanks for your visit today, I think I have forced enough of my old memories upon your to last awhile, but remember, your thoughts, ideas or comments are very much appreciated and I do hope you'll come again.

It's a great thing when you realize you still have the ability to surprise yourself.  Makes you wonder what else you can do that you've forgotten about.  ~Alan Ball

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