Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ahhhhh Those Flying Geese

Honking, honking, honking, the Canada Geese are returning, possibly Miss Spring is on her way and cannot be very far behind them!!  
Both today and yesterday I was wakened by the noisy sounds of honking from the Canada Geese flying overhead and for the past few hours this sound is all you can hear.  This time, I managed to grab the camera and take some pictures to share, there have been so many just these past two days and I know there will be hundreds more over the next few weeks, all heading North from where I am.  Probably headed towards the marshy areas fit for wildlife between here and Algonquin Park

Just tiny dots in the sky above until their nearly close enough to me.  I noticed yesterday each group of a few hundred would come flying across in hourly intervals.   This morning I managed to capture some of the formations which were flying overhead this morning.
Thanks to Maria O'Haver of Pangor Quilt Design Studio for sharing her beautiful  Curved Flying Geese Quilt with her readers for which she has a class to teach on how to achieve this designed quilt.  Maria is a Designer, Long Arm Quilter as well as a Teacher.  It would be fun to take one of the classes where she is teaching her students how to accomplish the technique you see in this Curved Flying Geese Quilt. 

Also this past weekend the cardinals began serenading in my back yard, first time I have ever heard their song, what a wonderful experience it was and a real treat, go to the Soundboard. and you may listen to it yourselves.  These cardinals sing such beautiful songs. 
Sadly it will soon be time for me to stop feeding the neighborhood birds.  Once Spring is here and the trees and grass begin their rebirthing, they will naturally take to hunting for their food again. 
Even though these wonderful feathered creatures won't be sitting so close to me on the veranda, I will have the excitement of hearing many more bird songs as the season warms up.

Thank you for stopping by, as today is a quilting day, I'll go and make a fresh cup of coffee on my way to visit the sewing machine to finish piecing the blocks for a little baby quilt I have been planning.  

He who would learn to fly one day must first learn to stand and walk and run and climb and dance; one cannot fly into flying.  ~Friedrich Nietzsche

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