Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Finally This Top Is Finished

Finally, I have finished the Scrappy Four Patch quilt top.  Took me longer than I had anticipated what with company dropping (who doesn't love company?)  I still had some wash to do, some vacuuming and changing of things.  I moved around the bed and managed to get the extra mattress under it in the spare room yesterday, not an easy task for me because my joints are just giving me grief brought on by this inclement weather which doesn't want to disappear.

Scrappy means just that and even though I am inclined to try and control color I just didn't seem to on this one and convinced myself it was okay not to control it at all. 

Now to get it sandwiched, quilted and bound and then another charity piece will be ready to go. 

I really missed not sewing much these past few days, but have spent some quality time with friends not only here physically but on Skype, for those of you who use Skype, isn't it fun to be in touch?

My grandson managed to really hurt his hand and now cannot play his favored Lacrosse for awhile.  Poor mite, fell from his bike on a gravel road and had to have stitches. 
 Mum and Brayden spent 11 hours at Emerge this past Saturday just to have it seen to and took quite a number of stitches. 
 Granddaughter Mikayla is off on her first ever sleep over camp for the week, I just know she will be enjoying her time there.  

Baby Ella is happily playing and staying home with Mum and Dad....

That's as much as I have to share with you today.  Thank you for stopping in and please I love to hear your comments so if you wish to comment away. 

The difficulties of life are intended to make us better, not bitter.  ~Author Unknown

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