Monday, June 17, 2013


Hey there, it's Monday and I have been keeping busy.  Took out the Scrappy Heart Blocks I was working on last year to finish this quilt off, trying to get another UFO finished.   My wonderful Easy Listening station is just about half way to full blast with all that wonderful music it plays without commercials 24/7 and I filled several bobbins and went to work.  Mind you in the beginning everything I attempted seemed not to be working well for me but, after a lovely hot cuppa and lunch it finally began to come together. 

My blocks are finishing out at 15.75" which seems rather weird, but rather than worry about it and seeing as I seem to have made the same consistent mistake, I'll carry on. 

Thinking it might be nice to add a large strip of square in a square blocks between these huge blocks, but, as per my usual routine I will walk around that thought for awhile until all of the blocks are fully sashed.  Possibly it might not look as busy if I just go back to my first idea when I began this project and add a huge border between the sets and then carry on that same border around the outside.  I am looking for ideas on how to make those scrappy hearts look like their floating...with my skill set I often get my ideas from seeing how other scrappy quilts look when sewn into sashed settings... Am I making any sense???

It should end up being a lap quilt size and I want it to be comfy.  

Our weather doesn't seem to be getting better yet, still rain and darkened days, hopefully real sunny weather with nice summery temperatures will arriver sooner than later.   So far this year has been on the damp side which isn't doing my arthritic joints any good. 

As i promised, there are a few more of those quilts Liz and I saw this past Saturday. 
This color combination was very restful, a rather nice teal with a beige against a lighter shade of ecru and I just wish I could have shown off the quilting in it much better, believe me it was lovely. 

This postage sized stamp quilt was nice and colorful.  Apparently it was a queen size and hand quilted. 

These quilts were displayed along side the Alter leading into the Tea Room, I this black, white and red finished up nicely, don't you?

This blue on white was exquisite but was set into a darker corner of the Church and my camera simply didn't do it justice.  It was pieced and quilted by machine.

This utility quilt was rather colorful and seemingly a very efficient way to use up left overs from other quilts. 

Back in the beginning of April I began a little quilt for a wee lad born to friends in Holland, well while my cousin was here I managed to squeeze in the finish and off it went with her to be delivered.  Here then, if you didn't see it on my Facebook page is the finished tiny quilt. 

Time to get going, I will wish you all a wonderful day or evening depending on where it is your reading from. 

If we all did the things we are capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.  ~Thomas Alva Edison

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