Thursday, June 20, 2013

It's Been A Perfect Day

What a fabulous weather day today, the temperature just perfect and a wonderful breeze.  I spent the morning finishing the Scrappy Hearts blocks,

 then auditioned fabric for the borders

Right side of fabric where the green is bright, or the

Wrong side of fabric which is muted, or

this blue with faint beige dots....
and because I simply could not make up my mind I decided that I'd take full advantage of the weather and sit outside and work on more hexagons, a most enjoyable afternoon.  Slowly my top is beginning to grow and of course I am adding them as I go along and not waiting to systematically put the individuals in a pile to sew together once there are hundreds, LOL.... I never was one for following rules!  I so enjoy hand sewing but my arthritic fingers can only go for so long and then I must stop and rest a bit.

Before sitting down to sew I decided to check on my garden and have discovered why the Clematis was withered and looked like it was dying!  Some critter (my neighbor thinks it may be the new baby rabbits from the wooded area across the way) has been eating at it,  I thought that it had been cut by a weed whacker, but not so, it is definitely a little creature that I share my surroundings with.   At least the roots are still in tack and in the ground, so hopefully it will begin to grow again and possibly I may end up with beautiful flowers to enjoy.  My rose bushes are doing well too, the red one named Coco looks like it will burst forth with a bloom very soon and the yellow bush named Lemon Meringue now has three buds ready to burst open with beautiful yellow roses.  I just love roses and these two bushes are climbers, I cannot wait to see them grow and prosper. 

Now, I have put away my sewing all to be picked up tomorrow.  

So what do you think?  About the auditioned fabric choices?  The blue looks like it may do the Scrappy Hearts more justice than the busy patterned green with black.  I wouldn't mind your opinion on this....  

Spend the afternoon.  You can't take it with you.  ~Annie Dillard

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