Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I Miss My Original Blog!

Good Afternoon to those of you who are still following me and were waiting to hear from me all these months.  Explanation, I am in limbo, trapped somewhere in Bloggerland and unlike Dorothy didn't find a pair of slippers to get my original blog back, it seems to be totally lost somewhere in cyber Bloggerspace.  
Somewhere between my leaving for a much needed mental health break and arriving back home I haven't been able to sort out the Blogger problems and so from necessity have begun this new blog which makes it number II.  I really didn't mean to just disappear into thin air, I just did... poof and my access to my original blog and all of the posts related to it have totally just disappeared, gone, residing somewhere in Blogland.....I can still see it but somehow cannot post to it.
In August I discovered I really, really needed a break away from the emotional upheavals I was wading through and hid away at my best friends place in Holland, without telling anyone where I had gone to or why.  I just went!  I spent two months holed up there and took in one only of the 11 or so events my friend had planned since letting her know I was coming.  I didn't wish to go anywhere or do anything or see anyone because I was a total emotional wreck, and so I merely hid away.  Poor dear, she really put up with me for those two months like a trooper.  I mostly stayed at the property not wanting to do much of anything or contacting anyone, I was too emotionally worn out and with my physical health problems of not being able to walk for any length of time with my sore back and hip I stayed there and nursed my so called wounds.  When the two months were up I really was not prepared to return,  but return I had to and in a wheel chair as my Sciatica managed to continue to plague me.  Apart from the physical problems I was flying back to meet my first granddaughter!  Born three days before my scheduled return date.  While she is number 3 in a blended family she is the first of mine, and was welcomed into this world by her mum and dad on October 6th and I met her three days later.  WOW is all I can say, she's perfect not a thing wrong, all of her essential parts in great 100% working order.
She is also the apple of her brother and sisters' eyes, they cannot wait to hold her whenever they return from school or being out somewhere.  
I now take this opportunity to introduce you to my Ella, who, at birth weighed in at 6 lbs. 15 ounces and at the time of her birth looked the spitting image of her father when he was born.

One more for now, don't want to bore you, but as I am a real grandma for the first time, I admit to being just a tad proud of this first granddaughter.  
Here she is being held by her loving Big Sister.
This is it until tomorrow, I certainly hope you and yours survived the super storm Sandy and that everything is well with all of you.
Thanks for your patience with me and I hope your all well and that no one suffered any ill effects from that terrible storm Sandy, wow i was totally awful for folks in the United States.  I pray your all well and fine and that no loss of life, limb or household has been visited upon any or you or yours. 
Until tomorrow, I will say cheerio for now and remember 
" Sometimes it's better to put love into hugs than to put it into words."

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